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A committed company

The Lorane and Bio Lorane brands are entities of SOFAL GROUP.
Sofal Group is a manufacturer and distributor of detergents and cleaning products since 2016. The group develops formulas with unique technologies.
The brand “Lorane”, was born in 2016 in the form of liquid laundry without phosphates.
The second brand “BIO Lorane” is created in 2017. It is a range of ecological products with the European label – Ethical Vegan VEGANOK and ICEA. Our Research and Development teams are present at all international fairs in search of the latest innovations to offer even more responsible and even more effective products.

VEGANOK is the most well-known ethical standard with more than 1000 companies, services and thousands of certified products around the world. Our range of products Bio LORANE does not use any product or material resulting from the animal exploitation. Our products are 100% vegetal and natural. We want to protect our environment! All of our organic products have been certified by ICEA as environmentally friendly cleaners. It is a quality certification for the entire life of the product, from the chemical formula to the elimination. They are biodegradable.