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The world clean up day

The world clean up day : what is it ? This is a gathering day for all volunteers to clean up the city and the environment. Organized by municipalities or associations, the important thing in the end is to accomplish this citizen cleansing gesture. Where does the idea come from? ...
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How to spend ecological holidays

It’s time for a vacation and you wonder how to relax and rest while letting your ecological fiber vibrate? Why not take your good habits with you or give yourself the opportunity during the holidays to pay attention to its footprint on the planet! Bio Lorane helps you prepare your ...
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Why making a compost is important ?

A compost is good for the planet and it’s good for your garden. So it’s a great idea to have one at home! Very popular for a while, compost allows you to reduce your waste and will contribute to the preservation of the environment. THE COMPOST, WHAT IS IT? Compost ...
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5 tips for a healthy home

A healthy interior for a healthy life. We often pay attention to our diet but do you know that it is just as important for your balance and your health to have a healthy interior. Do you know that the air in your home is 5 to 7 times more ...
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Our fast paced lives and our means of locomotion can not be less ecological. The activities that we choose are rarely ecological, so we must emphasize the positive actions that are made for the environment. What ecological activities can we do? There is a big trend for green running. What ...
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On this World Recycling Day, we need to ask ourselves the right questions about our consumption model. There are products today that are as effective as traditional products, and that’s proven. It is a shame not to change his habits to help the planet. AN ECOLOGICAL PRODUCT, WHAT IS IT? ...
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Cleaning your washing machine

Cleaning your washing machine -why is it so important ? For the planet, for your electricity bill and for your well-being, it is important to clean your washing machine regularly. Let’s see together the main reasons that make cleaning the washing machine so essential! TO AVOID LEAKS Once or twice ...
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For the environment to be successful, it must not be limited to action of states and companies. Each person must use the resources that they can to recycled water and thus economise it. Some small individual changes can produce surprising results. It is therefore essential to fight against waste. How ...
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