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The world clean up day
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The world clean up day : what is it ? This is a gathering day for all volunteers to clean up the city and the environment.

Organized by municipalities or associations, the important thing in the end is to accomplish this citizen cleansing gesture.

Where does the idea come from?

The movement was born 11 years ago in 2008 in Estonia. It managed to gather more than 4% of the population who mobilized to collect more than 10 000 tons of waste in 1 day.

The idea has spread to different countries and now 21 September 2019 will be the day of cleansing the planet in more than 150 countries.

The goal in France is to gather 5% of the population, men women and children sensitive to the cause of the environment.

How to do ?

Wherever you are, you can find on the world clean up day website to see the events near you. You can also turn to your town hall, which is certainly organizing something.

The objective

The numbers speak louder than long sentences:

  • 1 garbage truck dumped into the ocean every day
  • 30 billion cigarette butts thrown into the wild each year in France

It’s the day to give a big boost to our environment and raise awareness about the problem of litter that invades our environment. The best is to convince 2 or 3 friends, family or colleague to come with us because the more we will be, the more important the impact will be !

Be part of the millions of citizens who will participate this September 21 in a collection of wild waste.


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